The Government tax relief few businesses know about

A summary: When you buy new equipment such as computers, laptops and servers you can claim 130% capital allowance

What does this mean? If you spend £1,000 on computer equipment, it will reduce your corporation tax bill as if you had spent £1,300

How long can I claim for? It ends 31st March 2023 for you need to hurry!

It’s designed to encourage you to invest in your business. 

Have a talk with your accountant (and if you fancy some bedtime reading material, here’s a link to the HMRC summary).

If you want new IT hardware, we recommend you act now to take advantage.

Supplies of hardware are still disrupted due to the pandemic, issues in China and the war in Ukraine.

We recommend you have a think about what new hardware your business could need over the next few years.

That way we can help you plan ahead and put in advance orders on new technology for you.

If you can see any need at all to purchase new hardware before the end of this financial year or for the next – act now, and benefit from super-deduction.

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